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2022 CEA Sketchbook Contest

On December 14, 2022, the Classical Roman Arts Foundation partnered with the CEA Center in Rome to organize an event to evaluate and celebrate students' sketches from the Rome Sketchbook Course. The CEA Sketchbook Contest consisted of a exhibit of all the sketches and judges selected the top three sketches.


CEA's Rome Sketchbook Course

The mission of CEA is to create and facilitate opportunities for academic achievement, global competence, and personal growth through quality international education. One of students' favorite courses, Rome Sketchbook, provides students the opportunity to refine their artistic skills by closely observing and sketching objects and people in their context. 

See the Winning Sketches

Hand selected by a set of judges, these three sketches presented below were recognized for their creativity and technique and were awarded a gift card.

1st Place: Carmela Frontzak (left)

2nd Place: Caroline Walls (middle)

3rd Place: Magdalene McCann (right)

More Sketches

Students experiment with watercolors to depict the Colosseum


Winning Sketch with inscription "La Santa Maria" by Carmela Frontzak 


Students experiment with changing perspectives


Another sketch with inscription "Thanksgiving Breakfast in Portogallo @ Dear Breakfast"


A pair of sketches with inscription "Pompei"

Meet the Organizerrs

Guillermo Gleizer

Oversaw planning and execution of the event and facilitated award ceremony

CRAF Director


Andrea Masini

Coordinated with CEA Rome Sketchbook students and promoted the event

CEA Senior Academic Coordinator

Jonathan LaDuke

Created marketing materials and photographed the event

CRAF Intern 2022

Exhibition set up in CEA classroom

CEA Student Services and Programs Manager

Caterina Marino and students enjoy the event

Students surround and investigate the sketches

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