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Our Grants - Introduction

You are the Intended Beneficiary of our Grant if 

you are a Student, Scholar, Practitioner, Artist or a person with demonstrable interest in the Classical Roman influence on any branch of human endeavor - from Art to Banking, from Architecture to Agriculture - and its evolution;

* you plan to spend a semester (or more) in Rome in the near future;

* you, during this period, will be accredited at or with an official scholarly institution registered with Italian authorities or an institutional association such as AASI or certain recognized private organizations;

* you will have room and board and independent means to support yourself for your stay in Rome.

To further our mission (see Mission Statement) we encourage applicants 

*bto show their interest in a specific branch of Classical Roman Arts, broadly defined. Examples include paintings, statuary, literature, wine-making, fashion, archaeology, fine arts, music, agricultural ethnography, jewelry design, games, banking, finance, health & medicine;

* to show how the influence and evolution of  specific Classical Roman Arts will be reflected, advanced and affected by the applicant's work in their area of interest;

* to show how working in Rome will contribute to their development and the achievement of their goals.


Tips to help organize the application:

Applicants are encouraged to read the website to get a feeling for our aims and areas of interest.

The objectives of the grant proposal should be detailed as they are a main element in the selection process.

Applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible as to the field they will be working in, the expected needs and the potential output of their efforts. 

Currently we are providing two grants per semester. Each of our Grants consists of:

- Euro 600 (approximately U$S 666) deposited to your European or US account,  for materials, transportation and activities

- Workspace for 3 days a week, 4 hours per day -including wifi and library support 

- Refreshments, snacks and dinners

- Referrals and introduction to sources and contacts

- A mentor in the specific field.

In certain exceptional cases, we also provide room and board for up to (3) three months.

How to Apply For Our Grants

The application process is straight-forward and consists of 3 stages.

The initial application may be submitted at any time during the year. You do not need to have already secured accreditation and other funds for your expected stay in Rome. However, you will not receive the Grant unless you show that you have complied with the requirements set forth above, including accreditation and independent funds.


While applicants may submit the initial application at any time, there are two official deadlines each year: May 15 and November 15.

First stage: You the applicant submit the application in the form below. The application need not be absolutely complete in this initial iteration. However, you should submit as much information as possible, including your CV and any work (or samples) you have done whether for school projects, professionally or independently. Please remember to follow the tips provided above.

Once the application is reviewed, the Foundation will contact you to request further information if necessary, or to organize an interview -  in person or video conference.

Second stage: The Foundation's Board will review the application, hold the interview and prepare an internal evaluation. The Board will provide you with feedback without unnecessary delay.


Third stage: Awards are granted, results are communicated and final arrangements are made. A final offer is extended to the successful candidates. 

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