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Arianna Morrico

2024 Intern

Arianna Morrico is a senior at John Cabot University majoring in Art History with a minor in Art and Design. Her main interest is in archeology and crime within the art world. She is originally from South Africa, so with her main interests considered, Rome is the perfect place to study. At CRAF, Arianna will be aiding numerous projects concerning research on environmental issues, facilitating artist contests, and problems with art crime.

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Maya McCarthy

2023 Intern

Maya McCarthy is a fourth-year art history student at John Cabot University and a practicing artist. Originally from the United States, Maya has lived in many countries before moving to Rome. Her background is in modern and contemporary art, with a special appreciation for photography and film studies. As such, Maya organized the CRAF Short Film viewing party. She hopes to pursue a master's degree in art history after graduation.


Michaela Murphy

2023 Intern

Michaela Murphy is an undergraduate Art History student at John Cabot University. Her background in STEM and robotics has lead to different specialties in art history, including art technology and coding. She previously studied  special topics in the art market and art business at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London. After her graduation in December 2024, she hopes to pursue a career and further education in Art Law. At CRAF, she has been researching different current events topics in art crime and provenance. She has also helped organize and advertise student events in Rome based on celebrating the classical arts in modern culture. 


Mamie Murphy

2023 Intern

Mamie Murphy is a graduate student studying Art History at John Cabot University. She has previously worked in curation, in museums, and in collection inventory for private art collectors. She also has a passion for art historical research and writing. At CRAF, Mamie will help with the Posidonia Project (Mediterranean sea stewardship) to protect the Posidonia seagrass and reduce water pollution, as well as with website development, the 2023 Ecco Echo Award, and research related to fakery and copying. 


Erin Anderson

2023 Intern

Erin Anderson is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is studying Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Gender & Women’s Studies. She has previously served as a marketing intern on campus at Love Wisconsin and at home at Thomson Reuters in Minneapolis, MN. Erin is studying in Rome for a semester through the CEA program. For her internship at CRAF, she will help with website development, social media marketing, and further research on topics related to gender and art.

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Jonathan LaDuke

2022 Intern

Jonathan LaDuke is a student at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, studying marketing. He is spending a semester living and taking a range of classes through CEA in Rome, along with his internship at CRAF. He is excited to learn about international marketing in a new setting and being able to combine his classes and time with CRAF to help start his professional career. At CRAF, Jonathan will be helping with research in carbon credit marketing and production.

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Louis Newman

2022 Intern

Louis Newman is a student at John Cabot University. Louis has a broad interest in the Humanities with a more precise focus in the History of Art. Louis has spent one year studying in Rome, learning a broad range of topics grounded within Rome’s rich cultural history. Louis is also interested in music, art and film
and intends to incorporate his interests into his research whilst working at CRAF. Louis was born and raised in London and therefore will be drawing research from both Italy and England.

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Jacy Archer

2022 Intern

Jacy Archer is senior student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma studying International Business and Economics with a concentration in Finance. She has experience as an intern with McGraw Hill Higher Education helping with marketing and product integration into universities around America. For her internship at CRAF Jacy Archer is senior student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma studying International Business and Economics with a concentration in Finance. She has experience as an intern with McGraw Hill Higher Education helping with marketing and product integration into universities around America. For her internship at CRAF, she will be assisting for carbon certification centers to reduce emmisions.

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Alize Selcuker

2022 Intern

Alize Selcuker is a student at American University in Washington DC studying Business and Entertainment. She is spending one year at John Cabot University in Rome with the hopes of improving her Italian speaking skills. With experience in sales, teaching, and public relations, Alize is participating in the 2022 Ecco awards project and researching for the development of future projects in Italy.


Erick Valencia

2021 Intern

I am Erick Valencia, a Sophmore student majoring in History with minors in Classical Studies and Psychology at John Cabot University in Rome. I have experience in writing programs and historical research. For my internship ar CRAF, I will help research for Artisans of all kinds in Rome, look for interested people in said map and help develop the 2022 Ecco Echo Awards.


Ulrika Shragge

2021 Intern

Ulrika Shragge is a junior at Texas Christian University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and History with a minor in Studio Art. She has experience working in retail and food preparation. At her internship for the Foundation, she will be working on the Artisan Map and the Ecco Echo Prize. Her interests include ceramics, painting, drawing, and embroidery. 


Alessia Tanzini

2021 Intern

I am Alessia Tanzini, a senior student majoring in Art History with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Classical Studies at John Cabot University in Rome. I have experience for online exhibitions and Peer-to-Peer Entrepreneurial Programs. For my internship at CRAF I will help to research for Artisans in Italy for the Artisan Rome Map program.


 Elizabeth Perkowski

2019 Intern

Elizabeth is a Junior marketing student from Providence College with a passion for art history. She has experience working at small and large retail companies, dealing with customer service and social media. For the Foundation, she will be researching various historical sites around Rome, as well as editing the website.

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Arianna De Angelis

2019 Intern

Arianna is a senior art history student at the American University of Rome. She has experience working as a receptionist and as a museum volunteer. At the Foundation, she has been building the website and doing public outreach.

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Kate Gileas

2019 Intern

Kate is a senior studio and theater student from Cornell College. She has been successfully exhibiting and selling her art since 2015, and has experience with theater makeup. For her internship, she will be researching and writing short excerpts on various Roman sites.

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